Transactions Case
Date: 2015 - 06 - 19 点击次数: 70
June 2015, China Everbright Everbright trust innovation and mergers and acquisitions center officially reached a cooperation with the Chinese capital, China Peakedness as the center's perennial financial advisers will continue to provide mergers and acquisitions advisory services.Everbright China Everbright trust innovation and acquisition center is a Everbright trust, in the original traditio...
Date: 2015 - 05 - 04 点击次数: 68
May 2015, the Jiangnan tea warehouse announced the acquisition of A2500 million investment in industrial, China Peakedness as the financial adviser of the transaction.Jiangnan tea warehouse is a collection of professional tea storage, trade exhibition, tea culture tourism and leisure tea, finance, modern logistics, detection research and development as a whole, the industry as the basis, culture i...
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