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B round RMB 50 million

Date: 2015-07-08
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In July 2015, a measuring technology for star capital, Shenzhen municipal government directly under the fund to invest far and lava venture a total of 45 million yuan B round of financing. China Peakedness as the exclusive financial adviser to this transaction.

Shenzhen step Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, after 7 years of development, in the field of high-end laser range finder, has developed into a set of R & D, manufacturing, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. Shenzhen Mai technology self erected, has always focused on the field of Surveying and mapping products research and development, the constant pursuit of customer experience, enhance research and development capabilities, to promote industrial development, striving for the measurement of the industry well-known brands. During the 7 years of development, the company continued to grow at the same time, the establishment of a highly efficient professional and pioneering spirit of R & D team, Shenzhen, Nanshan District, Baoan District and other governments at all levels to support the focus.

In order to enhance the competitive ability in the international market, step by step technology to strengthen the optimization of various resources, focus on strengthening its own "core strength", in the international market has achieved rapid and steady development. In 2008 the company launched the first generation of handheld laser range finder S1 MEASI, followed by the advent of the S2 in 2010, and quickly gained a wide range of customers.

In November 2011 the company has released a series of S3 products. S3 series is the first range of measurement range to reach 100 meters, and the integration of the level of equipment ranging products, from this has laid a step in measuring technology in the field of high-end ranging product brand image.

B round RMB 50  million

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