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B round RMB 50 million

Date: 2015-07-05
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In July 2015, the Internet online announced Lake business venture, a total of 50 million venture capital, Jieshibo Merrill B round of investment, following the A round, China Peakedness again served as the capital of the Internet online financing exclusive financial adviser. In addition, China Peakedness or Internet listing consultant.

The Internet online enterprise Internet market front, independent innovation research and development of mobile e-commerce O2O marketing cloud platform, launched in October 2013, O2O Mall (self-service cloud platform to generate a key micro mall HTML5, Android version, iPad/iPhone version, WinPhone mall mall version mall) to small businesses, to develop new customers, transforming potential customers, maintain old customers, not only provide convenient marketing tools, mainly around the location of marketing channels for traditional businesses, but also for businesses to provide large data technology, chain management, group purchase auction promotion module and mobile phone game shake, scratch cards, dial and other interactive modules. Internet to the concept of the international market for the enterprise application of mobile Internet e-commerce strategy to do the most forward-looking guidance, Internet and strive for the next 5 years to become the world's leading O2O platform service provider.

The Internet online is a national high-tech enterprises, double soft certification, the software copyright and honor a total of 102, the current R & D team of nearly 300 people, research and development area of more than 3 thousand square meters; the Internet has online value-added telecom business Guangdong B1-20080198. Guangdong B2-20080198 license and broadcasting broadcast license in the industry field (Guangdong) No. 577th. In ten years, a total of nearly more than 100 thousand corporate clients, including listed companies including Kingdee group, SKYWORTH group, Malata group, investment securities, futures, Artron group, Jieshun group, the Great Wall fund, global stone group etc..


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