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A round 25 million yuan

Date: 2015-05-04
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May 2015, the Jiangnan tea warehouse announced the acquisition of A2500 million investment in industrial, China Peakedness as the financial adviser of the transaction.

Jiangnan tea warehouse is a collection of professional tea storage, trade exhibition, tea culture tourism and leisure tea, finance, modern logistics, detection research and development as a whole, the industry as the basis, culture is the core and the tourism as the leading professional tea warehouse, new culture industry, leading industry to promote tourism and tourism culture, promote three-in-one multilateral interaction. With the extension of the tea industry, Jiangnan tea warehouse conform to the development trend of China's tea culture industry, through the construction of a large warehouse, large logistics, large channel brand, to create a new tea industry chain.

A round 25 million yuan

Professional e-commerce platform, online and offline synchronous transactions, tea professional warehousing + trading platform + tea finance innovation and development of the road...... In the south of the Yangtze River, with a series of the development of the times, with the development of the tea industry cluster operation direction, a step by step on the road to today's listing. "With a series of opportunities, the future of listed companies, Jiangnan tea warehouse with Shanghai Tea Expo for a better implementation of digital, scale, trading platform Chinese tea industry intensification and modernization efforts continue," Jiangnan tea warehouse Qiuru chairman Yan says.

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