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Listing consultant and pre IPO counseling:Theteam has an average of over 15 years of experience in the IPO field. For listed companies, China Peakedness will provide a comprehensive listing of counseling services, including financial and tax laws and regulations, the company internal management standardization and business model improvement, joint-stock reform and overseas silk building, employee ...
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Privateequity financing is one of the most important business of China Peakedness, in private equity financing has become more and more important way of financing enterprises, China Peakedness involved a large number of transactions, the service of our customers include the rapid development of start-up enterprises, enterprise and Pre-IPO enterprise, industry, new materials, high coverage of TMT t...
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ChinaPeakedness core members of the international top investment banks from the background, so we have a lot of congenital rich experience in mergers and acquisitions, the team played a leading role in transnational mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring of listed companies and other success stories. Today, China's capital is also being accepted by more and more buyers and sellers of th...
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